D D Equestrian Services


                                       Who We Are

D D Equestrian services are a team of three experienced horse people consisting of Mum, daughter and son.

With well over 100 years of experience between us, in a wide variety of spheres, we are confident that we can help with virtually any equestrian problem...

We specialise in such areas as rehabilitation, behavioural issues and in helping riders and horses to regain lost confidence.

Unlike many trainers, we do not adhere to any one 'school of thought' with regards equestrianism. Rather we feel that the main factor to take into account - whether dealing with horses or people - is the individuality of all concerned.

Although our main discipline is Showjumping, we also have experience of Dressage, Racing, Eventing, Stunt Riding, Western Riding, Side Saddle, Driving, Endurance, Showing, Breeding, etc.

We can offer a wide variety of bespoke livery packages at competitive prices.

We also take horses for breaking / schooling / rehabiliation etc.


We believe that a true horse person works on their instincts and is aware that what works for one horse may not necessarily work with another. Changes of enviroment, routine and handlers also affect a horse's phsyche. The main thing is to ensure that the technique suits the horse, as well as the handler.